Our love affair with Spain

El Portús from the air

The results are in… nearly a quarter of all tourists visiting Spain in 2011 were from the UK. That’s an incredible 13 million of us travelling to the Iberian peninsular for sun, sea…and other things beginning with ‘s’.

Some of them were headed for Spain’s Premier Naturist resort, El Portús, and no doubt many will again in 2012.

And who can blame them? It’s a terrific place that offers everything a holiday resort could, plus the distinct advantage of being able Welcome… to spend as much time as you like without clothes.

El Portús is open all year round and so if you are still planning a post-Xmas break or half-term holiday, or looking forward to an Easter trip or main Summer get-away-from-it-all, it’s a perfect place. Right on the beach with spectacular views across the sea and into the mountains, you’ll find peace and tranquillity within a vibrant and lively place with a great community spirit.

Choose from luxury studio apartments, three grades of mobile home, or a camping pitch.

Wake with the sun flooding the resort and wander to the shop to buy breakfast or enjoy someone else cooking it for you at the restaurant. Take a dip in one of two swimming pools, play boules or tennis. Relax in the sun on your balcony or people-watch on the large beach. Take out a kayak, go scuba diving or rock climb without leaving the place. Enjoy the spa or have a massage. Spend wonderful evenings dining al fresco in the company of like-minded people.

Nearby Cartagena is an incredible town with a rich history dating back to Punic (Hannibal of elephants fame woz ‘ere) and Roman times. Museums, theatres, historical sites, cosmopolitan waterfront, restaurants, fantastic shopping – you’ll find it all.

Prices for 7 nights start from £495 for an apartment, £295 for a Mobile Home, and £145 for a camping pitch, with discounts the longer you stay, even a fortnight. Great rates for group holidays too. Accommodation only.

For more information, please make contact

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