Many Naturists will tell you that after you’ve been on a few Naturist holidays you forget the nervous feelings you had the first time you were naked in a public place, because it all becomes so normal, so quickly.

I was a very hesitant new-comer. One spring, about 5 years ago, Andrew took me to El Portús, for my first naturist experience abroad. We had taken a mobile home on the hillside. It was a very hot day. We had unpacked our bags and Andrew offered to show me around the site. Wear ‘whatever you like,’ he had said, because he wanted me to feel at ease and in El Portús you really can wear whatever you like or nothing at all and no one bats an eyelid either way. 

So, we set off. Andrew was – of course – naked, and I had a very skimpy dress on. For walking along the road from our accommodation, it had felt normal to me to wear something. He always laughs when he recalls that within ten steps of leaving the accommodation, the dress was off. ‘It’s too hot for this!’ I said, apparently. But looking back I remember it was more than that – I just felt so completely comfortable. That is the beauty of El Portús. 

The perimeter of the flat camping area is about a 1km round, so it feels spacious, There are tents and caravans, the Hacienda Montalvo studio apartment block, mobile homes, and plenty of permanent residences with well-tended gardens and personalised additions. There is plenty of space everywhere and the result is that you are lost within an oasis of calm.

El Portús is a very welcoming resort in stunning mountain surroundings. Every time I sit on a terrace there whether dawn is breaking or the sun is setting, the sun appears to creep gently across the bay, presenting a glow of different colours on the mountain sides. It just takes my breath away. The management and reception staff are always so friendly and kind. The gentle Spanish ‘slow down’ catches you as you walk past reception.  A sandy beach is right there – walk straight off the site on to it. One of the swimming pools and one of the restaurants are always open, but in the true Spanish spirit you never know which or when because it completely depends on the weather and what feels right! There is a lovely, cool spa run by Robert and Sandra, who is an exceptional masseuse and such a lovely lady and has trained a wonderful supporting team. With a shop onsite and bar that is open all day and evening, what more could you ask for? 

El Portús is one of my most favourite Naturist destinations and so unlike many of the ‘concrete jungles’ that seem to tempt the holiday-maker in Spain. The last night before I leave El Portús is always a sad one for me. I feel truly relaxed there.

Don’t hesitate – if you have been thinking of trying a Naturist resort – or someone has been trying to persuade you to try one – consider El Portús. It’s a great place to start…